Is the Texas Sun Hard on Your Eyes?

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If you want to make your ride a little more comfortable, contact Shadow Tinting LLC to get expert window tinting services. Our window tinting company uses only the best tinting film and technology to provide you with the cleanest tinting application process. When you see the final result, you'll be glad you came to us.

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Our Services

Keep prying eyes out of your business

Are you looking to give your commercial facility a little extra privacy? Reach out to Shadow Tinting to get commercial window tinting services. We'll stop by your business and apply tints on any of your windows. Whether you want to give your boardroom more privacy or cut down on the glare from the front windows, you can count on us to apply the tints with precision.

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Keep harmful UV rays out of your home

Is sunlight fading your furniture? Would you like to cut down on the heat caused by direct sunlight? Contact us to get residential window tinting services. Our window tinting services are thorough and adaptable. You can choose from a number of window tints, including:

  • Dual reflective
  • Ceramic
  • Decorative
  • Security film
  • Blackout film

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